Extended Day Program

Supporting students from transitional kindergarten through 8th grade with enriching and engaging academics and other activities.

We are proud to be the chosen provider to manage the Sausalito Marin City School District’s after school program. We focus on building community, providing opportunity, cultivating learning, academic skill building, homework support and enrichment. We help students begin to find their voice and develop self-advocacy skills, which are crucial aspects of social-emotional learning and academic success. Academics include project based learning, homework help, reading, writing and math. Enrichment activities are abundant and include cooking, gardening, art, music, biking, PE games, and dance. The program is offered on both the elementary and middle school campuses daily until 6 pm and during school vacations.

I like Bridge the Gap because it’s really fun and we get to read and play games.
When I go to Bridge the Gap I get all the help I need, so I can go to school and actually understand the subject fully.
Always remember that Bridge the Gap is family. They will help you even if you’re in a bad place. It’s good to know Bridge the Gap is there and that they care for you.