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Proudly supporting our students throughout their college experience as they forge their path to graduation and beyond.

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College and Career Success Program

The need for guidance doesn’t end with a college acceptance, so Bridge the Gap makes it a priority to stay with our students throughout their journey into secondary education and adulthood. College is a new experience, filled with unknowns, and learning how to adapt, navigate everything and locate needed resources can be challenging.

Bridge the Gap serves as a familiar and helpful source of support for our college students, helping them gain confidence and the skills they need not only to persist, but to thrive throughout their experience and reach their ultimate goal…graduation!

For more information, please contact College Success Program Manager, Chinna Ford.

Bridge the Gap really is the reason I’m here at Sonoma State because they guided me every step of the way and made me feel as though I can do things society tells me I can’t.
I’m really glad that I had so many people around me at Bridge the Gap that were on the same mission and that mission was getting me into college, preparing me for college, and succeeding in college.
I view Bridge the Gap as family that reminds me not to give up.

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of our Bridge the Gap students receive scholarships to help defray college expenses.