Community Council

We are so grateful for the generous support of our Community Council. Together we work to increase equity in Marin County!

Making A Difference

This powerful group of volunteers supports the work of Bridge the Gap through fundraising activities, advocacy, and supporting our students and their families in meaningful ways. If you’re interested in joining this mighty group of volunteers, we’d love to get to know you.

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Community Council Members

As of September 2023

Catherine Kennedy
BTG Board Member &
Community Council President

Heidi Altree

Valerie Babikian

Loren Block

Kate Bowman

Bonnie Brown
BTG Board Member
Community Council President 2016-2021

Denni Brusseau
BTG Board Member & Co-founder

Nina Buchbinder

Allison Burkholder

Anne L. Buxton

Liz Canady

Melissa Congdon

Michele Conway

Alexandra Cowley

Laura Cox

Ashley Droege

Jennifer Durkee

Cheryl Finley

Millie Froeb

Deborah Goldman

Melissa Henne

Valerie Herzog

Heather Hughes

Janet Hunter

Elizabeth Syufy Kelley

Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Sasha Larson

Karen Loebakka

Courtney Leary

Paige Macleod

Hallie Marshall

Desanne Martin

Barbara McCrum

Kris McIntosh

Julie McMillan

Noelle Montgomery

Kate Newsom
Kristin O’Brien

Ali Parsons

Jenny Peng

Kendra Pollack

Alexis Robbins

Jennifer Saavedra

Mary Jo Schaffer
Community Council President 2014-2016

Laura Scher

Kelley Schultz

Laura Smith Blair

Lida Soofer

Patti Stadlin

Ashley Sternfels

Mary Stervinou

Linda Stiles

Ann Swart

Christy Swildens

Libby Tracy

Kathy J. Williams

Maggie Woodward

Stephanie Young

Susan Zimmer