High School

Supporting and empowering Marin City high school students during this critical time of growth, self reflection and transition.

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High School Program

  • The High School Program runs Monday through Thursday after school at our Tam High Center.
  • Subject specific teachers and tutors are available to work with students between 4:00 and 7:00pm.
  • A hot meal is a consistent and much appreciated part of the program.

Bridge the Gap College Prep has an outstanding program to support our high schoolers. Students work with Class Deans, teachers and tutors and receive individualized support with school work, skills development and the many social and emotional issues that come with navigating the high school experience.

We also help students create a path to college by helping with course selection, counseling, test prep and financial aid and scholarship assistance. Our students have their sights set on a bright future, and we are inspired by the growth and grit we see everyday.

Bridge the Gap taught me to have passion and work hard and never give up.
Bridge the Gap has helped me with high school applications, test prep, homework, friendships and much more. I would not be where I am today without Bridge the Gap!
I like the ways they helped me when I was struggling with homework and was not very organized like I am today.

Together we are making a difference

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of our 2020 high school seniors graduated and are headed for college.


consecutive years of 100% college-bound seniors, with one serving in the US Marines.

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of our high school students passed the core classes required to qualify for California public universities in 2020.