Become a Volunteer

Our students need support, and that’s why we need caring and capable volunteers like you!

We Love Our Volunteers!

We’re all so grateful for the incredible volunteers who give their time to our students every day and lend support with open minds and open hearts. Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We’re glad you’re here! We are always looking for enthusiastic and compassionate volunteers to work with us at Bridge the Gap.

Though some of our tutors have teaching experience, most do not and are capable of supporting students with their schoolwork, confidence and relationship-building skills.
We serve a diverse student population, and we encourage tutors who reflect that diversity to apply. Above all, we seek reliability, flexibility, eagerness to learn and a steadfast belief in each student’s ability to be successful. You got this!
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Getting Started

Volunteering with Bridge the Gap is rewarding and fun. After learning a bit about our programs, step one in the process is to complete a Volunteer Application. We will be in touch and a brief interview may follow. We can’t guarantee an opportunity will be available, though we always do our best to find placements for interested volunteers!


  • Minimum age: Freshman in high school.
  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 1-2 hours of volunteering per week in the after-school or evening hours.
  • Background check required for volunteers over 18.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please direct any questions to our Director of Intervention, Ruth Castillo.

Become a Volunteer

Working with the students who need the most help is rewarding in so many ways. You feel useful and appreciated just for showing up. Someone said “showing up is half the battle”. With tutoring at Bridge the Gap, it’s way more than half.
Five years ago, I was very fortunate to be matched with a wonderful 1st grader who I’m still working with today and who has become such a special part of my life. The bond we have deepens with each passing year, and I’m committed to this relationship for the long haul.
It has been amazing to witness not only the joy and excitement these kids have but also their progression from week to week. They are smart, determined and love to learn despite all of the obstacles they are facing, in a year that has been especially challenging for students everywhere.
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Volunteer FAQ

What makes a good volunteer?

Volunteers don’t need to have experience, but it helps to have confidence, flexibility, patience, resourcefulness and compassion! Our most successful volunteers are able to find common ground, build relationships and believe that every student has the ability to learn.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Volunteers must be freshmen in high school or older. We encourage Freshmen to volunteer with a parent partner.

What kind of time commitment is involved?

Volunteers commit to a weekly, regular schedule of 1-2 program hours per week for the duration of school year. Program shifts are after school or in the early evening.

What if I don't remember everything I learned in school?

Tutors are never expected to know all of the answers, but should be comfortable being a role model in how to find the answers. You can do a little research, access online resources or ask a teacher.

What’s the application process?

Step one is to fill out our online Volunteer Application. You will be contacted by our Volunteer Manager and a brief interview may follow. All volunteers over 18 must complete a background check before working with students.