Bridge the Gap College Prep believes that Marin City students have the ability and opportunity to go to college if given the appropriate academic support and life skills training starting in 1st grade. It is our goal to intervene as early as possible, instill a college going mindset from a young age through high school, provide a continuum of age-appropriate academic support, life skills enrichment activities and experiences and equip them with the self-determination to achieve their college completion goal. 

× Studies have proven that a college degree increases the probability of being employed by nearly fifty percent and expected earning potential.


Essential Elements for College Success

Bridge the Gap College Prep’s curriculum centers around eight essential elements for college success. All programming incorporates these essential elements across grade levels.


Service Learning

Literacy and Writing

College Bound Curriculum

Leadership Training

for College

Career Exploration

Stem Skill Support

Public Speaking

Social and Emotional Health Curriculum

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