Bridge the Gap College Prep provides two after school programs focused on academic enrichment and intervention and youth development to help equip youth with the essential academic and non-cognitive competencies necessary for middle, high school and college success. All Extended Learning Day programming takes place at our Marin City College Prep Center in Golden Gate Village. The Evening Mentor Tutor program for 1st-3rd graders takes place at the People’s Inner-cities Fellowship, also in Golden Gate Village.


The One-to-One Evening Tutor Mentor Program

1st – 3rd graders are matched with a specific tutor mentor at the beginning of the school year. Mentor/Tutor student pairs meet once a week and focus on reading and homework completion. Through ongoing tutoring/mentoring students develop a consistent relationship with an adult and are introduced to college as the end goal for going to school.


The Marin City Scholars Program

4th – 8th grade students meet twice a week with credentialed teachers and tutors in a classroom environment. The core focus areas are academic skill building, with an emphasis on math and writing combined with a college prep curriculum and culture. Students in the Marin City Scholars Program in need of additional help can access further support through a one-on-one volunteer tutor.


The College Prep High School Program

9th – 12th grade students meet Monday through Thursday with credentialed teachers and tutors to receive subject specific tutoring, skills development and engage in instruction and activities focused on preparing for college.


Little Readers and Mathletes (Summer Only)

Little Readers and Mathletes are run in the Summer only in collaboration with Marin City Recreational Summer Camp. Little Readers builds literacy for 5-8 year olds. Teacher and volunteer tutors help develop reading skills with students, helping with appropriate book selection, reading aloud in a group setting, and working one on one to strengthen comprehension and fluency. Mathletes, for 5-8 year olds, focuses on retaining and building math skills through math games and other fun activities.


Throughout all our programming, we provide students the support they need to succeed. In particular, before or as part of all sessions, we offer substantial healthy snacks or meals to improve their ability to concentrate and study. Through the dedication of our teachers, we provide extensive “wrap around” support including ongoing communication among teachers and administrators, families and BTGCP tutors, assessment of student needs and referrals and connections to needed resources.

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