Ayana, Marin Catholic

My name is Ayana and I am a sophomore at Marin Catholic. Bridge the Gap is like a warm heated house — my dreams are based on the foundation that Bridge the Gap has given me. Bridge the Gap has empowered me to go to college and maybe be a lawyer. College is like the other side of the bridge… Bridge the Gap IS the bridge that will get me there.


Cheyenne, Tamalpais High School

My name is Cheyenne. I am a sophomore at Tamalpais High School. BTG has helped me get through school despite the hardships along the way. At BTG, the teachers and tutors help me with homework and support me emotionally, helping me towards my goal. My journey has put me on a path toward becoming a film director. My academic plan is to work hard and be able to attend CAL or UCLA!


Haneef, Redwood

My name is Haneef. I am a junior at Redwood. When I first came to BTG, I thought it was the worst thing ever. Being in 6th grade, I just didn’t want to do homework. I was averaging Cs at school. Bridge the Gap helped me see what’s real — that I needed to work hard to get anywhere and especially to college. Today, I have a 3.0 GPA. I want to go to a college with a culinary program. My dream is to have a bakery called “Cakes and Stuff”. I dream of studying abroad, traveling and learning new things.


Kenya, Redwood

Hi, my name is Kenya. I am a sophomore at Redwood. BTG is like a soft fuzzy pillow. When I am here, I can DREAM and AIM HIGH. I want to be so many things: A doctor, an OBGYN, a teacher, a cosmetologist and poet. College is a BIG DEAL! I really want to go to LSU or Spellman!

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