Who We Are

Founded in 1995, Bridge the Gap College Prep is a robust college preparatory and youth development organization that provides programming aimed at preparing Marin City students for college success.

Our Vision

By providing a comprehensive after school college preparatory program, BTGCP will one day help all Marin City students be prepared for, choose to attend and successfully graduate from college.

Our Mission

Bridge the Gap College Prep seeks to provide comprehensive educational support for Marin City youth with the goal that every Marin City child completes high school and graduates from college.

Core Values

  • BTGCP believes that education is the greatest equalizer in closing achievement gaps.
  • BTGCP instills an expectation of college completion throughout its programming.
  • BTGCP collaborates with other organizations to support Marin City youth, so that together our collective impact is greater than that of any one organization.
  • BTGCP believes that given the right support, all Marin City students can have the opportunity to go to and through college.

Educational Philosophy

Based on in-depth research and nearly two decades of experience, BTGCP believes that the following elements are essential to helping Marin City youth achieve their college graduation goals:

  1. Rigorous college prep programming
  2. Clear student expectations
  3. Hands on, relevant curriculum
  4. Personal connection between students, teachers and mentors
  5. Community commitment to collectively support motivated students

Delivering these elements will enable BTGCP students to develop choices for their futures rather than succumb to predictable outcomes that too often plague many low-income families and youth.

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